Architectural Styles for Luxury Custom Homes: Georgian Colonial

Georgian Colonial Alford Home in University Park.

Early morning view of a Georgian Colonial Alford Home in University Park.

One of the popular styles of luxury custom homes in the Dallas area is the Georgian Colonial Style. One of the homes I am enthusiastically building now has this style of architecture. Keep up with our progress with it on our Pinterest account.


The Georgian style (named for the four King Georges in England) was extremely popular in England in the 17th and 18th centuries, and is based on the classical forms of the earlier Italian Renaissance period. Before the 18th century, there were no true architects in England as we know now. Architecture was considered a branch of mathematics and a sort of hobby for well-educated men. Sir Christopher Wren, famous for redesigning St. Paul’s Cathedral, was primarily an academic and astronomer, with an M.A. from Oxford. However, Wren developed an interest in architecture, particularly the style of classic ancient Rome. When the great fire of 1666 burned three quarters of London’s homes to the ground, Wren contributed his knowledge of classical Greek architecture, and revived it in England’s homes, public buildings and churches.

The first Georgian buildings to appear in America were located in the east coast colonies around 1700. They were built using pattern books and plans from the old country. They remained extremely popular through the Revolutionary war until America’s independence, when Americans began distancing themselves from England, and other home styles grew in popularity. Eventually, though, the classic Greek style again became popular and is flourishing today. We now refer to this early American style of Georgian architecture as “Georgian Colonial”.

Exterior Characteristics

  1. The front door is usually paneled and centered, with a row of small rectangular panes of glass either in the transom or within the door. The door is embellished with a decorative crown and flattened columns. The door is the most elaborate feature of the façade.
  2. The cornice (the decorative trim under the roofline) is often decorated with moldings, dentils being the most common.
  3. Windows customarily have double-hung sashes having many small panes, usually nine or twelve panes per sash.
  4. Windows are aligned horizontally and vertically in symmetrical rows. The hip roof, favored by Sir Christopher Wren, is the  most usual type of roof.

If you are thinking of building your own, unique luxury custom home, whether it is a Georgian Colonial or another architectural style, call me at 972-429-1074 or visit the Alford Homes website. I hold the Exclusive Certified Green™ Designation and have won D Home’s Best Builder award every year since 2005.

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