Beautiful Billiards Rooms in Luxury Custom Homes

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A billiards room in a French mansion.

A standby in luxury custom homes, villas and mansions is the billiards room. Think of the classic movies where key scenes take place in a scrumptious, dark paneled billiards room set in a beautiful mansion. Many interesting conversations have been held, business deals have been clinched, and mysteries have been solved in the billiards room – both in the movies and in real life. More importantly, having a billiards room is great for just having a friendly, fun game of 8-ball with your guests and family.

When designing your billiards room, keep in mind the overall style of your home so that this room will blend with the rest of your home. The focal point of the room will be the billiards table. What color will the wool playing surface be? You can build the color scheme of the room around the color of the felt- which could be practically any color of the rainbow, including the standard green, purple, rust, red, brown, or black. What style of pool table do you want? The styles are almost limitless, running the gamut from ultra-modern sleek metal tables, art deco, baroque, rustic, gothic, and even unique cantilevered tables or custom tables. Lighting choices for over your pool table are also endless and should complement the room and the table.

Take a look at this video for some inspiring ideas.

You may decide you want the classic wood paneled billiards room, or something quite different!

When the time is right to build your luxury custom home, with or without a splendid billiards room, give me a call. Together we can build the magnificent home of your dreams. I have 34 years of experience building luxury custom homes, and as an environmentally conscious builder, I am a Certified Green Professional and a Green Built Texas Builder. I build luxury custom homes in upscale Dallas neighborhoods, and am currently building two luxury homes in Normandy Estates in West Plano. Give me a call at  972-429-1074 to discuss your new home plans or ask any questions.

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