Choosing Colors for your New Personalized Alford Home

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Cool colors in this Alford Homes master bath provide a calming effect. The wood and rust-colored ceiling dome add touches of warm color.

Do you love color? Have you ever stopped to think about how color affects us on a subtle level? Why does repainting a room a different color suddenly make the room seem larger, or cozier, and thus more inviting? Consider using the technique of color theory to giver your new luxury custom home the ambiance you desire.

Interior designers use a color wheel to come up with the perfect color palette for your home that will reflect your personal taste and style. Sir Isaac Newton created the first color wheel in 1672. He noticed that when looking through a prism, he could see all the colors of the rainbow. He expanded this, creating a wheel that clearly shows the relationships between the colors. The wheel has 12 hues – three primary colors (red, yellow and blue), three secondary colors (green, orange and violet) and six tertiary color (red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet and red-violet. Using a color wheel can help you visualize how different colors will work together.

Certain colors are warmer than others. For instance, living rooms and foyers often feel more welcoming when painted in warm colors such as;  yellows, oranges and reds, and in earth tones such as beige and brown. These colors create a feeling of warmth that encourages communication and sharing between people.

If we have sweet memories of spending time in the kitchen as a child, we often subconsciously want to recreate that same feeling using the colors from our childhood. Many of us grew up with white kitchens, and today they are in high demand. By using colors associated with good memories, we are bringing more warmth into our home. If there are no particular colors that you associate with your childhood kitchen, reds and yellows are good kitchen colors, as they are cozy and cheerful. It is no accident that many restaurants use red in their décor in the hopes of whetting customer’s appetites. Studies show that dining rooms painted red tend to make the occupants of the room hungry. If you use red in the dining room, it will encourage conversation as well as dining, and furthermore, studies find that many people think food tastes better when eaten in a red dining room.

For bedrooms, soothing, relaxing colors are usually best. Cool shades such as blues, greens and lavenders work well in bedrooms. Blue hues are especially good for their calming qualities.  Whites are popular in bathrooms because white reflects cleanliness. While white will always be a good choice, earth tones are as well, as they are easy on the eye and many stones have natural earth hues. As spa baths become more popular, we see relaxing and calming colors such as blues, turquoise, and greens. These colors provide a clean, fresh feeling to the room, and a calming atmosphere. 

Just as red used in a dining room can promote appetite, in a workout room or personal gym, reds and oranges can get you moving, but you need to be careful because they can also make you feel overheated. Blues and greens and other cool colors are good choices for home gyms.  When it comes to color choices in your home’s interior, personality, personal style, natural and artificial lighting, what the particular room is used for, and your home décor definitely matter. 

With many years of experience as one of Dallas’ top luxury home builders, (as well as having Certified Green Professional and Green Built Texas Builder), I take pride in using natural materials and using environmentally friendly building practices which or energy efficient. I build custom homes across the Dallas area, including University Park, Highland Park, and Preston Hollow. If you would like more information about green luxury custom homes, visit my website or give me a call at 972-429-1074. I look forward to working together to create the luxury home of your dreams.

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