Which Fireplace Mantels Are Right for Your Luxury Custom Home?

An Alford Homes fireplace surround and mantel.

An Alford Homes fireplace surround and mantel.

The fireplace is usually the focal point of almost any room in a luxury custom home. Due to this, it is important to take great care with the design aspects and materials you want to use for your fireplace mantel.

Wood mantels: There are a wide variety of ways wood can be used for fireplace mantels. The mantel can be traditional, with a smooth surface, in a conservative style, either painted or stained. A reclaimed rough-hewn wood beam as a mantel piece is especially sought-after, and will remain a classic. Wood can also be carved either ornately or simply, or with a custom design of your own choosing – a great place to display your family’s coat-of-arms, as well. A half-log or even a beautiful piece of large driftwood can be used to alluring affect with complementary décor. Part of a tree from your property or a treasured family property is distinctive and holds a lot of sentimental value.

Stone and brick mantels: Stone and brick mantels are another classic choice. Bricks can be new, of varying colors, or old and used with lots of character. Stone can be either used for effects such as formal, rustic or in between. Imagine the wow factor of a mantel made of a large, beautiful slice of polished agate, with its amazing bands, swirl patterns and dramatic colors. For a more formal and classic look, nothing beats an intricately veined piece of marble. A slice of rough river rock or sandstone looks great with a more informal and cozy room. Black slate can impart a clean and sleek look.

Cast stone mantels: Cast stone mantels are another option. They can be spare, or custom designed and ornamented – even stained and textured.

Metal mantels. Metal is a wonderful material to use in minimalist ultra-modern homes. It can also be used in traditional homes, if the finish of the metal isn’t too smooth or polished.

Salvaged and antique mantels. Treasures from the past, antique mantels can be absolutely stunning in a new luxury custom home. They can be purchased from individuals or dealers in the US and abroad. Depending on the age and original geographical location, they can be strikingly ornate or of a simple Quaker-like simplicity. Take a look at this Pinterest board for some ideas.

Most people use their mantels to display family heirlooms, treasured pieces or art objects. Your mantel can be either the width of your fireplace surround or much longer, extending on either side of the fireplace quite a distance. This extended length can also be used in a dramatic asymmetrical fashion. If you go for an off-center mantel, your fireplace itself or a large piece of art will have to balance it out. There is also the option of having no mantel at all, or two or three mantels cantilevered one above the other. Of course, combinations of two or more of the above material options makes for a unique and delightful mantel. An example of this would b a combination of wood and stone.

The possibilities of fireplace mantel designs in your luxury custom home are almost limitless. It depends on your lifestyle, your taste, the particular room, and the rest of your décor. Call me at 972-429-1074 to discuss your options and ideas. Together we can build the home you’ve always dreamed of. I am one of only 623 professional builders nationwide to attain a Graduate Master Builder certification, and I am also a Certified Graduate Builder with the HBA of Greater Dallas. Please take a look at my website for further details on my qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you!

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