Floor to Ceiling Windows for your Luxury Custom Home

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Bank of Ireland on College Green has blocked up spaces where the windows should be. This was done in order to avoid the Window Tax. Photo by Arco Ardon.

Windows are an extremely important component of your new luxury custom home. Not only are they beautiful from the inside and outside, they also let in light and air – something we may take for granted. Did you know that there used to be a tax on windows in Britain, Ireland, Scotland and France? The Window Tax was first levied in England in 1696. Windows were easy to examine from the street by tax collectors, which made it an easy-to-enforce tax. The tax existed for a century and a half. New homes had fewer windows, and existing buildings often blocked up their windows in order to cut down on taxes. Finally, in 1851, the tax was appealed after medical professionals and home/building owners complained that it was harmful to health to live and work in dark places without light and available fresh air.

Nowadays, we have all types of beautiful windows available. Luxury custom homes with large and plentiful windows are very fashionable now, and thankfully, not taxed! According to the Wall Street Journal, oversized windows are “some of the most in-vogue amenities in luxury homes, according to an analysis of listing descriptions by real-estate website Trulia.”  Brook Clark with Weathershield (the company and representative I like to work with) says, “People are wanting more windows from floor to ceiling. We go as high as we can up to the ceiling and then down to the floor.” This provides a “wall of windows” effect, which is dramatic, lets in plentiful light, and bridges the space between the outdoors and the interior of the home.

If you are ready to build your light-filled, magnificent luxury custom dream home, please visit the Alford Homes website and give me a call at 972-429-1074. I have 34 years of experience building luxury custom homes and I’m a Certified Green Professional and a Green Built Texas Builder. I build luxury custom homes in Preston Hollow, University Park, Highland Park and Normandy Estates in Plano.


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