Making Moving Easier: Tip from a Luxury Custom Home Builder

Moving is a headache, but moving into your new luxury custom home should be exciting, as well! One way to prevent moving hassles is to utilize Unpakt, which CNN calls “Yelp for moving vans”. Watch this video for more information on Unpakt:

Unpakt provides reviews of over 500 approved moving companies, as well getting a free quote by using a tool on their website, called “Quick Quote”. No hidden fees! Booking the company you choose (similar to booking an airline ticket online) is simple and fast. No more calling multiple moving companies one at a time for quotes, repeating the same list of information over and over, and then just hoping that the moving company you choose doesn’t break your valuable items.

When you are ready to move into your luxury custom home built by Alford Homes, you may want to consider using this handy tool. With many years of experience as one of Dallas’ top luxury green home builders, I use natural materials and environmentally friendly building practices. Please visit my website or give me a call directly at 972-429-1074.  I look forward to working together to create the luxury custom home of your dreams.

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