Your New Luxury Custom Home: Many Options for Library Wall Treatments

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An Alford Homes library with dark wood wall treatment.

As a luxury custom home builder, I love the richness and character in different types of woods. When designing your custom library together, we can discuss different types of wood, stains and finishes. Would you want a more traditional dark wood façade for the library, or a lighter wood for a more casual or modern atmosphere? Whatever wood type and stain shade you choose, you want the wood and its texture and fine details to make people want to run their hands across the surface.

If a homeowner would like a lighter library, we would make use of blond woods, like white oak, pearwood, and clear pine, along with paler stains. Sometimes this lighter wood is more appealing to a woman or family for their library, and also a good choice for very modern luxury custom homes.

The classic and traditional library with its dark wall treatment and hardwood floors is handed down to us from England, and has a luxurious and cozy feel. The wood choices can be solid wood, from a variety of trees – from red or white oak, to cherry, walnut, maple and reclaimed wood, etc. Exotic woods are coveted by luxury custom home owners for their beauty. They are usually woods from trees in tropical areas of the world, and are valued for their variety of hues, patterns, and designs. These trees also grow tall with fewer branches, and therefore fewer defects and knots. Crotch mahogany from Africa has flame-like patterns. Beeswing eucalyptus from Australia has a pattern that looks like an enlarged bee’s wing.  Some African cherry have grains called “plum pudding”! Wenge is a dark wood from central Africa, used as an alternative to ebony. You will also need to decide the color of the stain and also the finish of the façade. Will you want an oil finish or rubbed wax finish? The types of wood, stains and finishes will give you different selections and options to make the library your own.

Additionally, you will want to decide what style of wall treatment you want. Do you prefer flat and smooth, beadboarding , wainscoting, a combination, or something completely different? Another custom option is a rolling library ladder on curved tracks to go around 90 degree curves. It is convenient if you have double-stacked shelving and high bookshelves.

Let’s make your new custom library distinctive and your own work of art. I have 34 years of experience building luxury custom homes and I’m Certified Green Professional and a Green Built Texas Builder. Alford Homes builds luxury custom homes in upscale Dallas neighborhoods such as University Park, Highland Park, Preston Hollow and Plano. We are currently building two luxury “speculative” homes in Normandy Estates in West Plano.  Please visit my website and call me directly at  972-429-1074 to discuss your plans and homebuilding needs.

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