Textured Walls Add Dimension to Your Luxury Custom Home

Notice how this brick accent wall adds interest and warmth to this room.

Notice how this brick accent wall adds interest and warmth to this Alford Homes room.

Adding textured plaster and finishes to your walls lends depth and character to your luxury custom home. It give an air of lavishness and opulence to spaces that otherwise may appear bland. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that Alford Homes can customize and optimize your wall space:

  1. Textured stucco or drywall plaster-work. Stucco plaster contains sand for a gritty texture, while drywall plaster is smooth. Drywall plaster can be applied in numerous ways, from swirls and circular patterns to trowel/knife designs, horizontal or vertical lines, cross-hatching, or customized designs. Consider a smooth wall with a three dimensional design built up on it with plaster. The design can be of a person, creature, tree or anything your imagination desires.
  2. Stones and wood. Both stone and rough or reclaimed wood are natural materials, and as such provide a relaxing and warm ambience. For stone, depending on the look you want, consider smooth grey slate, round-edged river rock, cut stone, or rough stone. Although pieces are usually of average size, small pebbles can be embedded in your wall as well, and can even be arranged in designs. Rock colors range from yellows to whites and greys, and all shades of brown (and red) up to black.
  3. Tiling. Tiles come in a multitude of colors and designs, from Turkish to Mexican to Swedish and everything in between! Although normally reserved for the bathroom or kitchen, they can also be incorporated into a chair rail, around a fireplace or on the walls around a room, close to the ceiling, and as an accent.
  4. Brick. Brick colors range from golden yellow through reds and browns. An accent wall of brick is especially interesting. To add an “antique” feel, have Alford Homes create an “exposed brick look” with patches of plaster along with reclaimed old bricks.
  5. Metal and glass. These materials are usually used in ultra-modern luxury custom homes, but sometimes they can be incorporated into other styles of homes.
  6. Faux finishes. Venetian plaster finishes are especially popular right now, but there are many other beautiful finishes as well. Take a look at the photos at the end of this article for some unusual, fun and striking wall textures!

When you are ready to move into your luxury custom home built by Alford Homes, we hope you find these textured wall ideas helpful and inspiring. With many years of experience as one of Dallas’ top luxury green home builders, I use natural materials and environmentally friendly building practices whenever possible. Please visit my website or give me a call directly at 972-429-1074.

I look forward to working together to create the luxury custom home of your dreams.


Old wood texture.

Old wood texture. Photo by Foto Texture

Faux wood burlap.

Faux wood burlap. Photo by Lynda Giddens

textured walls dallas

Alhambra – notice how every surface is marvelously textured! Photo by Justus Hayes

Rough reclaimed wood paneling. Photo by Martin Sharman.

metal wall dallasRough reclaimed wood paneling (above). Photo by Martin Sharman Below, metal orb wall. Photo by Lain Cuthbertson

stucco finish

Stucco finish. Photo by Salva Barbera

Revoked blue plaster. Photo by Pulpolux !!!

Revoked blue plaster. Photo by Pulpolux !!!

venetian plaster dallas

Venetian plaster. Photo by michelle.irish

Glass wall. Photo by Carla

Glass wall. Photo by Carla

Faux Finish. Photo by Ezra Pucci.

Faux Finish. Photo by Ezra Pucci.




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