Tips from Your Luxury Custom Home Builder: The Best Bathroom Lighting for Your Master Bath


An Alford Homes master bath with sconce lights mounted on the mirrors at eye level.

An Alford Homes master bath with sconce lights mounted on the mirrors at eye level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Bathrooms are utilitarian, but are also a place to relax and unwind; therefore, when considering the lighting fixtures for the master bath in your luxury custom home, keep the dual role of bathroom lighting in mind.

Light vs. Dark Bathrooms. White or light-colored walls and ceilings reflect light, and dark colors absorb light. In a light-colored room, the light will bounce, and so diffuse ceiling lights are very effective, as they reflect light from area to area. Mirrors will intensify this effect. Indirect lighting also works well in pale baths, such as hidden lights behind a floating mirror. In a pale bathroom, you won’t need as much lighting as in a dark bath. Dark-colored walls and ceilings will absorb light, so light will only stay where it is directed. In a dark bath, vanity mirrors should have lighting fixtures that stand out from the mirror, as lighting behind a floating mirror won’t reflect in a dark colored bathroom.

Mirror lighting. Although we are all accustomed to lights above our bathroom mirrors, this may not be the best option. Lighting from above can cast unfavorable shadows, especially at the make-up or shaving mirror. Sconces add a pretty touch at your mirror, but should be installed at eye level to be most effective. Most sconces take 60 watts at most. The best lighting is 75 to 100 watts, so keep this in mind. Lighting all the way around your mirror, or light fixtures that are vertical and linear are ideal, and will provide even illumination to your face without casting shadows.

Ambient and Decorative lighting. Ambient lighting can add drama and mood to your master bath, and can even be used as a decorative touch. Floor lighting is flattering, which is why it is used to good effect on television! Warmly lit alcoves are pretty, and a unique pendant light in a corner will provide illumination by chasing away shadows and provide interest. Small up-lights can dramatically highlight a beautiful tub. Dimmer switches and motion activated lights are very useful, as well.

I hope this information is useful for planning the lighting in your luxury custom home master bath. If you are ready to build your dream home, give me a call at 972-429-1074 and visit my website. I have 34 years of experience building luxury custom homes. I am a Certified Green Professional and a Green Built Texas Builder. I build luxury custom homes in upscale Dallas neighborhoods, and am currently building two luxury homes in Normandy Estates in West Plano.

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