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ON Magazine - A Treasure in Our Own Backyard

I was first introduced to geo-thermal energy by my old friend and rugby teammate, Mickey McGuire. It was 7 or 8 years ago and Mickey was helping out at the SMU Geothermal Lab. During a conversation he told me about geothermal, the Lab, and its annual conference. The main thing I remembered later from our conversation was him talking about getting energy from the earth with no emissions. That caught my attention.

Since that time ON Magazine/ Innovative Direct Media has sup- ported our friends and the leaders of the SMU Geothermal Lab: David Blackwell, SMU’s Hamilton professor of Geothermal Studies; and Maria Richards, Director of the SMU Geothermal Lab. David, Maria, and the rest of the Lab Staff and sup- porters have been leading the way for geothermal development and exploration here in the U.S.

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