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Elevating Farmhouse Architecture to the Next Level with Urban Farmhouse Design

Urban Farmhouse Design is a combination of traditional and modernized elements that create an updated fresh take on classic farmhouse style. The older non-energy efficient construction and higher cost associated with the upkeep of farmhouses left builders and prospects looking for greener updated alternatives. Urban Farmhouse Design is also called Farmhouse Modern Style, Farmhouse Chic, and Farmhouse Revival. According to Pinterest, farmhouse style made the Top 10 Decor Trends in 2017. These top 10 trends were featured in HouseBeautiful Magazine. In every urban farmhouse you will find a combination of some of the below elements.

Wood beamed ceiling in kitchen with double islands

  • Exposed Reclaimed Beams - reclaimed lumber brings the "barn look" inside, and predominately comes from timbers rescued from old barns and rustic buildings. Wood ceiling beams add a sense of history along with adding a feeling of warmth and comfort into the urban farmhouse mix.

  • Barn Lighting - light fixtures such as Gooseneck lamps, industrial drop ceiling lights, and other barn-style lighting is an easy way to add character to your urban farmhouse.

Multiple oversized windows in family room

  • Windows with Plenty of Natural Light - is one of the most sought-after elements providing a classic look which is still obtainable in the modern farmhouse designs.

  • Front Porch - is a welcoming farmhouse touch, a lovely place to sit early in the morning or in the evening. Depending on the orientation of the house, the porch can provide shade, wind and rain protection.

The Huffington Post Newspaper Wrote an Article about the Most Popular Home Designs in the USA and Farmhouse Style Made the Top 10 List.

Beautiful wide-planked hardwood flooring

  • Hardwood Floors - common for farmhouse homes to have hardwood floors, especially with wide planks. Hardwood floors are durable and multifaceted, allowing you to control allergens and stains. They also can last a lifetime.

Cabinetry with detailed craftsmanship and open-face design

  • Shaker-Style Cabinetry - is an open-face style cabinet which displays the contents inside while providing a classic and simplistic farmhouse look.

Shiplap wall paneling adds texture and design

  • Shiplap, Tongue-and-Groove Paneling - this kind of wooden board or paneling used for constructing sheds, barns, and other rustic buildings. These types of treatments add texture to the walls. Shiplap paneling also introduces strong design lines and lends a modern look when painted white or is slightly colored.

The urban farmhouse designed by Alford Homes, which is pictured in this post, is a combination of traditional and modern farmhouse elements that blend to represent one cohesive design. It provides the homebuyer with a personalized home that has its roots in the past, but offers the best of today's leading-edge technologies. For more information call Greg Alford directly at 214.384.8779, or to learn more about Alford Homes visit their website at

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