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Does Experience Matter when Choosing a Custom Builder? Yes – It’s all about the DETAILS.

When a homebuilder has built custom homes for 30 years, he’s learned some important details that a younger less-qualified builder hasn’t had the opportunity to learn yet. You want the most qualified and best builder constructing your new home, a builder that pays attention to the smallest details (these details are learned by experience) so that you have a five-star experience while living in your new custom home. Below are some examples of specific details that homebuilder Greg Alford (with 38 years of homebuilding experience) and his team of expert craftsman at Alford Homes put into every luxury custom home they build.


  1. Sound Package – Alford Homes has a special “sound package” that’s in addition to standard home insulation. Alford Homes includes an extra layer of insulation around specific rooms in their custom homes. This added layer is a barrier for noise and gives homeowners comfort and extra privacy. The rooms included in the sound package are – the media room, game room, all bathrooms and the master bedroom. These rooms all have an additional layer of insulation to make sure there’s no noise from room to room. Many visitors to Alford Homes say how quiet the homes are and how peaceful that they feel – some of this can be traced back to the “sound package” that’s standard in every Alford Home.
  2. Efficient Homebuilding – At Alford Homes, Greg Alford and his team of homebuilding experts use green techniques in every custom home they build. Greg Alford is a Green Homebuilder receiving certifications from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) as a Certified Green Professional, and a Green Built Texas Builder. Greg believes that all new homes should be high-performance homes – running efficiently and with less energy.
  3. Extra Storage Space – in Attic and Garage – Most homeowners want as much storage space as possible in their new luxury homes. At Alford Homes, they understand their client’s needs and build attics where they’re highly organized leaving – a specific oversized area for additional storage. Also, the attics are constructed in such a way that they remain approximately 5 degrees different from the temperature in the home. So, items in the attic storage are always kept at an advantageous temperature and not damaged by the extreme heat or cold. Garages are another area that many families want additional storage in their homes. Garages built with extra space along with cabinets and shelves to help to store children’s bikes or toys, exercise equipment, items to upkeep the pool, equipment for the lawn, seasonal decor items and products for the cars, etc.
  4. Learning Homebuyers Preferences – When you’ve built luxury custom homes and ranch estate homes for over 30 years, the experience that you’ve gained helps you learn homebuyer’s preferences like – open floorplans, media rooms that are downstairs, good natural lighting and large windows in common gathering areas of the home, heavy built-in cabinetry in the master “his” and “hers” closets, first floor guest bedroom or master suite (if the lot size allows), a master bedroom on-suite including private master bathroom, larger outdoor living areas in the backyard with covered patio, fireplace and grill, plenty of electrical outlets indoors and outdoors, additional storage space with shelves and cabinets in the garage. Not all individuals and families prefer these features, but it’s good to keep them in mind when building a custom home for a specific customer or even constructing a speculative home.

If you are looking for a custom builder (with experience) to construct the unique home that you’ve envisioned, consider Alford Homes. Greg Alford can show you the difference that 38 years of homebuilding experience makes by calling (972) 429-1074 or by visiting 

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