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The Latest White & Bright Kitchen Trends

Come view Alford Homes’ latest techniques and trends in homebuilding. Click the kitchen video above (first one) to learn more about the 5 new trends in gourmet kitchens. Some of the latest trends include transitional finishes in the kitchen with the “white and bright” look along with quartzite countertops, self-closing quiet drawers, polished nickel plumbing fixtures and kitchen cabinets with lights built to the ceilings (for extra storage space).

Master Bathrooms & Closets Homebuilding Trends

Click above to see Alford Homes’ master bathroom and master closet video. The second homebuilding video (above) explains the new amenities in the Alford Homes master bathroom suites. This video starts in the spa bathroom with: windows inside the shower providing increased natural light, trim with marble accents along with marble mosaics, freestanding tub along with “white and bright” countertops, and self-closing drawers. One of the special features Alford Homes has placed in the master bathroom suite is the woman’s vanity inside the master closet.

Attics are More than Just for Storage. See New Ideas and Trends.

The third Alford Home video (above) concentrates on attic space. Homebuilder Greg Alford walks you through an attic in one of his custom homes. Greg explains that Alford Homes does not use attic insulation, which eliminates the majority of dust and gives your luxury custom home better air quality. Foam encapsulation is a green technique used by Alford Homes, which makes a huge difference in the energy efficiency of your home and provides a savings to homeowners. Also, because of the extra insulation package, the attic stays within six degrees of the interior temperature of the home and helps reduce any hot or cold spots within the home. Alford Homes’ highly organized and efficient attic space design leaves extra space for additional storage capacity. Because of the foam encapsulation, items in the attic storage space won't be affected or damaged by the extreme heat or colder temperatures. 

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