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At Alford Homes, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our homebuyers - but you don't have to take our word for it. You can read the homeowner reviews and testimonials below from families who built or bought a new custom home from Alford Homes. About 25 percent of Alford Homes' business is from repeat customers; with one family having built three custom homes with Alford Homes. 

Building Homes -  One Relationship at a Time. 

The Fira Family

We want to truly thank Greg Alford and his team for building our dream home. Greg was one of the main reasons we built with Alford Homes and we were in great hands throughout each step of the process. After getting to know him and his beliefs along with his overall attitude and approach, we truly felt he shared our values and was someone we could trust which is hard to find in this day and age much less this industry. Greg and his team including his son, Ben Alford, and Designer, Julie Bobbitt, did not disappoint and exceeded our expectations in every way! We have built a new home before, but this experience was remarkably different and brought back the joy of homebuilding for us. Building a new home is always challenging and admittedly there are issues along the way when dealing with something as complicated as a custom build. However, Greg and his team always quickly came to the table with an answer and more importantly came to the table with the right answer for all of us. They worked tirelessly throughout the whole process and were always available to us day or night to ensure our dream home was perfect. We are nearly one year into living in our new home, and we continue to be amazed at the build quality and the attention to detail. We cannot say enough about how great our experience was and would no doubt build with Alford Homes should the need arise in the future. Simply said, we have a tremendous amount of fondness, trust and respect for Greg and his team – they operate with the utmost integrity and are truly great people at heart. It goes without saying that we would highly recommend Alford Homes and would welcome any questions about our building experience.

Ken & Kelly Parkman

Moving from California to Texas gave us the opportunity to build the home we always envisioned. Once we identified the neighborhood that we wanted to live in (Normandy Estates), we began to interview all of the prospective custom builders to see who was the best fit for us. With no previous homebuilding experience, we were so thankful to meet Greg Alford of Alford Homes. He stood out amongst all of the custom builders and went out of his way to spend time with us, showing us examples of his work along with the excellent quality construction that Alford Homes delivers.      

Building our home while we were still in California added an extra layer of complexity, but Greg and his son Ben provided us the highest level of support guiding us through the homebuilding process - step by step with all of the decisions we needed to make - as there are many!! The attention to detail along with patience to explain everything to us - made the whole homebuilding experience amazing! Greg and his son Ben truly care about their customers. Greg has a skilled team of craftsman that focus on delivering a high quality custom home along with exceptional customer service. They have always been very responsive with any concerns or questions that we've had.   

Kelly and I are very thankful for the positive homebuilding experience that we had with Alford Homes. We truly love our house and would love to build again - when the time is right! 

Kelly and I highly recommend Alford Homes! 

Ray & Kelly Upton

Several years before we decided to build, a close realtor friend told us “When you decide you are ready to build a custom home, Greg Alford is your builder.” Well, when that time arrived, we met with Greg, along with several other builders in this quality range. We soon realized that he was interviewing us as much as we were interviewing him, and we now understand the importance of a good relationship from well before, to long after the project. This aspect is as important to him as it was to us in selecting Greg.  

Greg and Julie Alford take pride in the product they build, and it shows from the first meeting. Greg is there to guide from the first meetings with the architect, to taking the time with subs to explain the process (and modify as plans come to life), to being there well after the project is complete. Communication throughout the build was outstanding - and the endless questions we raised were met with patience and productive results. Alford homes is a company built on integrity.
We completed our project per plan and on schedule, and above all, the home turned out exactly as we hoped. Thank you Alford homes!

Loren & Stephanie Hsiao

Thank you for bringing to life our dream home and vision. When we decided to build a custom home, we knew that the selection of our home builder was the most important pieces of our many upcoming decisions. The builder was the one who could make a vision come to life. You listened to our goals and created a home that was exactly what we wanted. You and your staff did an excellent job in managing our expectations, budget, and calendar. You approached the entire process with transparency and integrity. Greg, you are more than a home builder; you are a builder of relationships and memories.

Ronni Gallup

I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it has been buying a home from you. As a Realtor, I have shown your homes many times and appreciate and respect the quality and care that go into every single one of your homes. They truly are stand-out and I have always felt that way. From the moment you walk in the door, you experience quality and pride. Every light bulb is on and working, every surface is polished and clean, every design detail has been thought of and you just know that same care is behind every frame and piece of drywall that you can't see. You can tell that the home has been built right!

The biggest compliment I can pay you however, is that after looking for a home for over three years, my husband and I decided to buy one of yours in Prosper, Texas. I always had a feeling we would and I can not tell you how honored I am to say that I own an Alford home.

The people that you have in place working for you are top-notch. They are professional. They are honest. They are experts and they are helpful. You have assembled a tremendous team and you should be very proud of all that Alford Homes stands for and has to offer.

You have my continued enthusiasm and support and again, I thank everyone on your team for making this such a positive experience and for making me so proud of my new home.

Lisa Morgan

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the wonderful experience your team provided my family. As we previously discussed, it was with a great deal of trepidation that my husband and I decided to build again. Prior building experiences were not very pleasant. Once we saw the layout of the house and saw countless examples of your superior work, we decided that building with Alford Homes was the right choice.

From the start, working with Ashley Smith was both pleasant and easy. Mary Ann Land, our designer, and Edward Rodriguez, the Superintendent, were both easily accessible and ensured our extreme satisfaction every step of the way. The weekly updates provided throughout the process made the experience fun. The freedom with which to make design selections was also wonderful. Every time we visited our house throughout the building process, subcontractors would stop work to discuss matters with us and make sure we were happy. The attention to all the minor details and the workmanship throughout the house are spectacular.

We have felt very blessed to work with such an honest builder who has shown a great deal of integrity and pride in his work. All of your fellow employees and subcontractors represent your company well.

I would say to all potential home buyers, the decision to build with Alford Homes will be bring joy for many years to come. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

S Ferenc

Working with Greg was a pleasure – we got the new home finishes we wanted – and a gentleman we could trust to work with.

Angelina Kenefick

We are getting settled into our great home. Our energy bills were lower last month than on our home in Plano and no one is living in that one!

Charles L. Shafer

You have another very happy Alford customer to add to your long list! As we told you in the beginning, we are experienced home owners having owned 13 homes before this one, and we are demanding. Alford Homes has exceeded our expectations on every front.

Most of our prior homes were new and there are always problems with new homes. The real test is how these problems are dealt with and in this area, Alford Homes is the best. Again, we are demanding owners and without exception, as issues develop, they are dealt with professionally and expeditiously.

I wanted to offer special thanks to Ian and Ashley who have been great to work with through this process. Ashley was very helpful and thorough in leading us through the specification process and Ian never fails to come through with his assistance is needed. Both really care about Alford customers and they demonstrate this in every discussion and every action they take.

Rest assured that we will spread the word about Alford quality and Shirley and I wanted to take this opportunity to wish Julie and yourself all the best for the New Year.

John Guthrie

We are pleased in how your company has managed finishing construction on our home- with us being away...You have a team to be proud of...

Tascha Tonneson

Greg, our house is simply amazing, unduplicated and absolutely everything we dreamed it would be. The quality you put into your construction is very pleasing to the eye and assuring to the mind. Ed is a great asset to your team. He does what he says he will do and makes sure we are satisfied. He's the man!!

Rick Shamblin

If you are interested in the attributes of quality, value and integrity, Alford Homes is someone with whom you should do business.

Matthew & Evelyn Combs

Well - just wanted to say hello and also wanted to tell you that I have been so pleased with our experience building with Greg ... starting from our dealings with you (Ashley) ... to working with Julie Bobbit (designer) and Matt Eller (construction manager) .... YOU ARE ALL GREAT! ;-) SMILES! 

Mark & Caryn Shepherd

Not that there was ever any doubt but thought you might like to know the appraiser commented to our mortgage broker that he looks at many homes and this home is very well built. Exact words, "THIS IS ONE GOOD BUILDER".

John & Teri Lindsay

Teri and I wanted to take a minute, now that we have moved in, to tell you how much we appreciated working with you and your team during the building of our beautiful Alford home. Truly a professional.

John & Jayne Baumgarten

Jayne and I wanted to let you know how happy we are in our new home. The process of building a custom home can be quite daunting, but you and your team made the entire experience, from design to completion, a real pleasure.

If anyone ever asks for a reference, don't hesitate to have them contact us. We would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for building our dream home. Please let Matt and Julie know how much we appreciate them and their hard work.

Darren & Tanya Brennan

Tanya and I wanted to take the time and let you know how very happy we are with the home you built. Your attention to detail, spacious rooms, great view of the backyard, and your staff has made our home-buying experience on that many people wish for, but few actually receive.

Kevin P. Dooney

We're at the end of our building process, and it's been a terrific experience. The quality of service, employees and home has met all our expectations. The response to our needs is as high today at the end of the process as was prior to our sales commitment.

A personal thank you for making the process painless.

Kristin & Sean

After last week, I felt lead to reach out and let you know how grateful we are for Alford Homes - and the amazing team behind you!


First, I’d like to start with Ben. I truly appreciate his calm, patient, detailed approach on our homebuilding. I never feel like I’m putting him out. He follows thru with every detail… and even goes beyond to make sure my vision is understood. I’m an external processer, so sometimes I just need to talk through my ideas and he’s always so willing. I love how he takes the time to meet with us in person, at least once a week. He keeps us well informed of what’s currently happening with construction, as well as what’s on the horizon so that we are well prepared. I realize that my creative/detailed brain can get in my way (and others), but he has never made me feel that my thoughts, ideas, and dreams aren’t worth listening to - and when it’s possible to make happen, he does. That’s a great custom builder. I see in the making someone that will be able to fill Greg’s extremely large shoes one day. I know what’s it’s like to work with family… not always easy to walk in the shadows of our father. But he holds his own. He’s a hard worker and a really good builder. I’m so grateful he is leading our homebuilding team at Alford Homes!


Julie, where do I begin, I adore this sister! I think our brains process similarly, so my design process has been pure joy! I get to hang out with a friend several times a week, dreaming of my new home, shopping for finishes, and enjoying her company. She has been so patient with my fickleness in rethinking ideas/designs, always willing to meet and walk through my ideas, and of course share her expert design ideas. Even when I think I’m okay with a selection, I can see her wheels turning to make sure everything will come together perfectly. It would be much easier (and quicker) for her to just agree with me, but she really takes the time to think through in ways I can’t always see. I feel cared for…I know my design really matters to her. I can’t thank you enough for giving us access to such a great designer, and beautiful sister.


John, the wood expert! Julie and I spent a couple hours with him a few weeks ago. I loved hearing his story of his family, and his beautiful kiddos. Again, he took the extra time and care to walk through every detail with me… and even shared a little of his personal story. Truly inspiring!


Manual, Julie and I met with him yesterday to walk through our tile selections. What a professional! His attention to detail and willingness to walk through each room and clearly understand the vision – loved him! He had some great suggestions… he’s obviously been doing this for a long time. Julie and I needed to take a few minutes to walk through a couple scenarios; he patiently waited for us to make our decision. We are thrilled Manual will be doing our tile work. I have no doubt it will be amazing - and what a kind man too!


Alberto, we met him a week or two ago to discuss the final design of our fireplace. He brought samples for us to preview, telling us a little bit about each type of limestone. I had an “inspiration” photo which he was able to create his design from – it was perfect! We met on-site and determined his design would be great, but after hearing my vision, he went back to his office and tweaked his design just a touch to ensure it would be my dream fireplace. Again, Manual went the extra mile – very impressed!


Even-though we haven’t interacted much with the actual contractors on-site doing the construction work, from our observation these guys are top notch! Alford Homes goes above and beyond to bring quality contractors onto your team. It hasn’t gone unnoticed! Yesterday, I got to spend a little time with Uriel, the supervisor of the sheetrock team. What a kind, funny, nice guy! Manual walked him through a few areas in the showers and he was accommodating and eager to assist. Your vendor experts at Alford Homes truly work together as a team.


I could go on and on regarding your team at Alford Homes and our interactions with them! I think this last week it’s starting to feel real - this is about to be OUR custom home. All the dreaming and planning is starting to take shape and the vision is coming together. I don’t know if our vision would have come together so beautifully if not for ALL the members of the Alford Homes team. Honestly, I just can’t believe this is going to be our home!!! Thank you Greg - and thank you for your wonderful team of homebuilding experts!

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