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Custom Homes with Amenities Galore

Custom Homes with Amenities Galore: Backyard Putting Greens for Golfers, Huge Double Aquariums with Exotic Fish and Underground Security Rooms.

At Alford Homes, we meet with our homebuyers and take time to listen, ask the right questions, learn what's important, explain specific details and offerings along with newest technologies that are available like energy efficiency and green building techniques. We inquire about particular hobbies and unique circumstances within the family (like family members who have specific challenges, possibly older parents or grandparents that may be living in the home). After we have a clear vision of what the client wants and needs, we then begin designing and constructing a luxury custom home that perfectly fits the lifestyle of the family or individual(s)-that will be living in it. 

At Alford Homes - We Personalize Your Home to Fit Your Lifestyle

Below, are some of the specific items that Alford Homes has customized and then built to meet their client's needs:

  1. Putting Green - a custom putting green in the backyard of a new Alford Home for a gentleman that loves to practice and play golf. The miniature golf course has 9 tee boxes and professional quality green with four bunkers, one of which is an actual sand bunker.еК All of the grass is synthetic - for lower maintenance and playing golf all year round. The golf course was designed by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects of Dallas.
  2. Double Aquariums - for a homebuyer that enjoyed rare fish and wanted two aquariums in his study. He found the fish in the aquariums were relaxing and enjoyed collecting different types of colorful fish. Alford Homes used Dallas North Aquariums to assist with these tanks. Both of the aquariums are saltwater tanks. Alford Homes customized the cabinets with a steel structure designed to support the tanks and then also built custom cabinets to house the aquarium equipment - all behind hidden doors (and out of site).
  3. Security Rooms - have been designed for several of Alford Homes clientele. One individual wanted enhanced security features along with an underground living area that had its own generator and 5-foot concrete Nudura walls. The homebuyer wanted to be able to live underground in the shelter for 3 weeks in case of an emergency.

Alford Homes uses F5 rated tornado and panic rooms. They can easily be installed during construction of your new Alford Home or even after the home is completed. To build a security room after construction and above ground, you need a large or oversized closet to house the shelter. The shelter is epoxy bolted to the foundation of the home and has LED magnetic lights along with vent holes. These security rooms are built to withstand 200 mph wind speeds.

There are all types of security and panic rooms even those with secret entrances or just a specific place in which to hold your valuables with a passcode. Alford Homes has built all types of security rooms underground and some that fit seamlessly into their homes upper-ground. Also, it's possible for you to register your home with the city (where the home and tornado shelter is located) so that the rescuers in case of a tornado or another emergency will know where to look for you.

Incorporating what You've Envisioned into Your New Personalized Alford Home

Greg Alford of Alford Homes has 38 years of homebuilding experience along with a college degree in construction. Greg is comfortable, engaged and enjoys working with his homebuyers on planning their new custom homes including - discovering what customers have envisioned for their new luxury residences. Does the family or an individual have any special or unique wishes, also discussing whether they have hobbies or if there are any essential design elements or amenities they want in their custom home? After Greg Alford learns about those who will be living in the new Alford Home, he then meets with his full-service homebuilding team of experts and craftsman. They come up with a personalized plan to build a home that exceeds the expectations of their clients - a unique home that fits the lifestyle of its occupants and is the home of their dreams!

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